Original handcrafted products

Rikke Falkow is a Danish architect and designer with a degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.  In 1995 Rikke Falkow founded the company ULTIMO Design to import and wholesale original American Shaker products. Shaker philosophy has remained at the core of the company and the values of this philosophy include frugality, purity, and durability. These values and ideals are expressed by Rikke Falkow through a simple and elegant design, using only natural and durable materials of the finest quality and carefully selected handcrafters. ULTIMO Design combines beauty and elegance with function and minimalism in a classical Scandinavian design.

Since 2010 ULTIMO Design has continuously added more original products to the collection lineup and today ULTIMO Design offers two separate lineups: ULTIMO and RIKKE FALKOW. 

Products from ULTIMO Design are meant to be used and to bring joy to your everyday life, both aesthetically and practically.