SANDGRENS Clogs er originale svenske træsko i vegetabilsk garvet kernelæder, nubuck og træ. Træskosandaler, træskostøvler, træsko i mange varianter. Mellemhøje hæle – den originale højde for svenske træsko!

SANDGRENS Clogs bliver fremstillet i hånden, som de altid er blevet.

Hver eneste træsko kontrolleres nøje.

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Fra SANDGRENS Clogs hjemmeside

SANDGRENS Toffeln (clogs) started in the 1960s with the simple mission to make better quality and more stylish clogs for women and men.

Sven, SANDGRENS's founder, was an entrepreneur with a grand vision for clogs; he believed that clogs had an international appeal far beyond the confines of Sweden. His vision turned out to be right on the money and clogs become a global phenomenon during the 1970s. With just 7 years, Sandgrens went from a start-up company to one of the largest clog manufacturers in the world.

Though clogs retreated into the recesses of fashionista closets after their reign in the 70s, 2010 has become the year of the clog come back! Ugglebo isn't one to miss out on the fashion trend it incited 30 years ago, we are capitalizing on the re-birth of clogs and clog boots with new, modern products that represent Sandgrens standard in quality and authenticity.

When you buy a SANDGRENS Clog, you are investing in not only a traditional, high-fashion, comfortable Swedish Clog, but also an icon of fashion history and clog nostalgia. True to our founders vision, our clogs say "made in Sweden" because we continue to produce one-of-a-kind, authentic Swedish clogs for clog-wearers worldwide.